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Royal Sampler

Royal Sampler

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The Björn's Royal Sampler offers all the luxuries of the hive in one bundle for 20% off. Royal Jelly and Propolis are powerful substances that provide high-quality nutrition and anti-microbial properties. Enjoy them in your honey as well as topically to keep you healthy and strong, inside and out. 

Our Propolis Salve is a highly concentrated healing salve full of propolis, beeswax, and juniper. Propolis is known to have antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral properties and is purported to help heal wounds and infections. This salve leverages the benefits of propolis, smells pleasant, and stays put. 

Our Royal Honey combines three substances from the hive that are renowned for their nutritional benefits. Royal jelly, which is a legendary protein made by bees to feed their young and is the sole food for the queen bee, propolis, which is honeybee's defense against microbes and works great to fight colds, flu or seasonal allergies and bee-pollen which does occur naturally in honey but in smaller amounts. Local bee-pollen is a potent source of protein and can also prepare the body for seasonal allergies.  

Our Double Propolis is a potent immune booster meant for those who eat honey to stay healthy and combat colds or allergies. Propolis is known for its remarkable abilities to assist in the fight against viruses, bacteria, microbes, and fungus. It's also a powerful anti-histamine making it the ideal honey to eat for anyone suffering from seasonal allergies. 

Our Geleé Royal Harmony is a luxurious face cream that contains royal jelly. Royal jelly is full of amino acids, minerals, enzymes, and antibacterial/antibiotic components. It is an age-old treatment for aging and skin rejuvenation.

Give yourself, or someone you love, all the luxuries the hive has to offer at 20% this season. 

Propolis Salve 1 fl. oz.
Royal Honey Net Wt. 10.5 oz.
Double Propolis Honey Net Wt. 10.5 oz.
Geleé Royal Harmony Face Cream 1.69 fl. oz.