Beeswax and Beeswax Candles

Pine Cone Beeswax Candle

$ 4.00
Pine Cone Beeswax Candle

The Pine Cone Candle is perfect for the holiday season or use during the winter. Its shape is detailed, realistic and reminiscent of the pine forests of the far north. 

Björn's Beeswax Candles are made from 100% pure beeswax that comes out of our hives. We gather the wax when we harvest honey and filter it lightly to get the bee parts and honey bits out. Once lightly filtered, the wax becomes a bright golden color. It smells like the hive, warm with hints of honey. The wonderful smell is enhanced when burned and will remind you of home.  

Our candles are hand poured one at a time and are of the highest quality. They burn for long periods of time and purify the air.

Candle making has long involved the use of beeswax for its pleasant smell and excellent flammability. The oldest intact beeswax candles were found north of the Alps Mountains, in a graveyard near Oberflacht, Germany and are thought to be from the 6th or 7th century. 

Lighting beeswax candles will make your home warm and cozy, try some today! 

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