Honeycomb Honey

$ 20.00


Björn's Honeycomb Honey is a special treat only available right after honey harvest time. This novelty honey combines the unique experience of eating honeycomb with a jar of Björn's Traditional Honey. We take fresh from the hive honeycomb and submerge it in a 10.5 oz jar of Traditional Honey. It's a great combo for people who want to try honeycomb but also like having honey to use at home in baking, cooking or tea. 

The honeycomb can easily be pulled out of the jar and eaten all at once or can be spooned out over time. The honey that will be left in the jar will have a bright floral taste and is perfect for all normal honey uses. 

A honeycomb is honey fresh from the hive, in its perfectly natural form. The hexagonal wax cells are built by honey bees in their hive to contain their stores of honey and pollen. Our comb contains pure, fresh, Colorado wildflower honey. 

Honeycomb is a rare novelty treat and is great eaten by the spoonful. It also makes a stunning accompaniment to cheese plates or spread on fresh, warm, bread. When you eat honeycomb, simply chew the wax. It can be swallowed. 

Try some today as it won’t be around for long! Honeycomb Honey should be eaten immediately, if possible. Otherwise, it should be stored at room temperature.

Net Wt. 10.5 oz.

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Björn's Colorado Honey offers local Boulder and Denver honey as well as bee-based skincare featuring beeswax, honey, and propolis. Our honey is raw and unfiltered, providing great taste plus the benefits of local pollen.

We are small batch, local, honey producers based in Boulder. Pontus, our beekeeper, grew up in Sweden and learned the practice from his grandfather Björn; the company namesake.

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