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Propolis Honey vs Manuka Honey - Why Björn's Propolis Honey is a Better Choice

Bjorn's Propolis Honey and manuka honey on spoons
Manuka honey, which comes from Australia and New Zealand, is a popular product among people who eat honey to be healthy. However, propolis honey is a better understood, local alternative. Propolis is a resin, made by honeybees, that is known for its remarkable ability to fight microbes. The bees use it to keep disease out of their hive.

Pontus, our beekeeper, has worked with propolis all his life and learned about the substance from his grandfather and parents who are also beekeepers in Sweden, where Pontus is originally from. Pontus’ father Torbjörn was the original developer of propolis honey which quickly became a hit with his customers in Scandinavia. When Pontus moved to Colorado, he couldn’t resist whipping up his own batch.

Pontus knew that by blending his wildflower and clover honey with high-quality propolis extract, he could create honey that served the same purpose as manuka but that was Colorado made. Using local honey is beneficial for many reasons but one of the most important is that it supports area farmers and crop pollination. It also supports the local honeybee population.

Propolis honey can be used as teaspoon-a-day honey to boost the immune system or it can be used at the first signs of a cold, especially one featuring a sore throat or a cough. While manuka honey is usually mono-floral honey from one nectar source which only occurs in New Zealand and Southern Australia, our propolis honey has local Colorado pollens plus anti-bacterial, antiviral, and anti-fungal properties.

Propolis honey can also be used in wound care. It is a substance proven to kill bacteria which can make wounds become infected and hinder healing. By using propolis honey inside of a bandage you can encourage rapid healing. Propolis honey will not only help prevent infection but it keeps the wound inflammation down. This promotes healing and helps with the discomfort that can come from a wound or burn.

If you like the idea of eating honey every day to help boost your immune system or using honey to help heal wounds or burns, our Björn's Propolis Honey is a tasty, local (and often less expensive) alternative to manuka honey.
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