About us

Bjorn's beekeepers doing a hive check in downtown Denver

We are small batch honey producers based in Boulder, Colorado. Pontus, our beekeeper, grew up in Sweden and learned the practice from his grandfather Björn; the company namesake.

The focus of Björn's Colorado Honey is to provide top-quality local honey produced in our Swedish family tradition. It can be said that Swedes typically enjoy their honey crystallized as this version is smooth, spreadable, and possesses a texture that is not too thick. It’s a wonderful way to enjoy honey, a fantastic natural sweetener. We also offer a traditional version for customers who prefer the fluid variety.

Björn's Colorado Honey is the only producer in the USA that sells a propolis version, meant for people who eat honey to stay healthy. Propolis honey was created by Pontus’ father Torbjörn in Sweden and it quickly became a hit. When Pontus moved to Colorado, he couldn’t resist whipping up his own batch. By blending Colorado honey with high-quality propolis extract we boost honey's health benefits. Propolis, an age old remedy made by the bees from tree and plant resins, is known to bolster the immune system and contains antifungal and antibacterial properties.

Pontus also chose to import high quality European bee-based skin and oral care products that we sell under our BeeCareNatura line. The producer of BeeCareNatura is a professional beekeeper and pharmacist himself, who understands bees and their benefits, as well as traditional cosmetics production. BeeCareNatura lotions, creams and salves leverage the wonders of honeybees, from beeswax to propolis and, of course, honey. The products are mild and suitable for all skin types and are never tested on animals. By placing emphasis on quality ingredients rather than fancy packaging true value can be passed along to our customers.

Thank you for coming to our store and please let us know if we can be of service. Our contact info can be found on the "contact us" page.