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Björn’s Partnerships

Björn’s Colorado Honey is proud to purchase from a number of small-batch, locally produced goods from Colorado companies to stock the "Friends From the Market” section we have in our retail locations. We wanted to give those producers a shoutout.

Check out the list of local companies we support below.

  • Jojo's Sriracha made in Pueblo, CO and using only colorado chilies that are wild fermented
  • Breck Candle Company Candles made in Kremmling, CO using natural ingredients and essential oils
  • Bibamba Chocolates chocolates and chocolate spreadmade in Denver, CO but works closely with farmers in Cameroon so their chocolate is single-origin and their farmers are fairly compensated
  • Know Your Roots/Healthy By Design pickles made in Broomfield, CO with locally grown veggies
  • Pines' Nut Butters nut butters hand-made in Summit County, CO by a Summit High School teacher Sam Pines
  • Dar Chocolates chocolates handmade in Denver, CO by husband and wife team using organic and fair-trade cocoa beans
  • Cooper's Small Batch Hot Sauces hot sauces hand-made in Denver, CO using locally-source organic veggies as often as possible
  • Green Belly Hot Sauces hot sauces hand-made in Boulder, CO using locally-source organic veggies as often as possible
  • Tea with Tae loose teas and canned tea hand-blended in Lakewood, CO
  • Mountain Girl Pickles pickles hand-made in Boulder, CO with locally grown veggies.
  • The Real Dill Pickles pickles and bloddy-mary mix hand-made in Denver, CO with locally grown veggies
  • Spikey Tea turmeric tea hand-blended in Boulder, CO
  • Bee Grateful Farm Caramels honey caramels hand-made in Steamboat Springs, CO by beekeepers who have hives there
  • Brad B Jammin' fruit jam hand-made in Littleton, CO with locally grown fruit
  • Chef Sherri Sauces savory sauces hand-made in Centennial, CO
  • Kettle Head Popcorn popcorn hand-popped in Denver, CO
  • Frescos Naturales fruit juice infused sparkling water hand-made in Boulder, CO
  • Dram Apothecary herbal sparkling water hand-made in Salida, CO with using locally-source and wild foraged ingredients as often as possible
  • Hella Herbivore Asian-inspired vegan sauces hand-made in Denver, CO
  • New Beat Foods Crackers crackers hand-made in Longmont, CO
  • Steamboat Salt Company salt hand-blended in Steamboat Springs, CO
  • The Sweetest Bean vanilla extract hand-made in Denver, CO with fair-trade Ugandan vanilla beans
  • Wuaman hand-made cotton bee toys made in the Andes of Peru and designed in Denver , CO
  • BBB Seed wildflower seeds wildflower seed mixes specially blended for the arid Colorado front range made in Gunbarrel, CO
  • Yummy Lotus Jam fruit jams hand-made in Highlands Ranch, CO
  • TwoRavens natural soap (made with Björn’s Colorado Honey), beard oil, beard balm, solid dish soap, and solid shampoo bar made in Littleton, Colorado
  • Omar’s Gourmet honey smoked pig ear dog treats made with Björn’s Propolis Honey in Littleton, CO
  • The Enchanted Biscuit “Lucious Liver” dog treats made in Breckenridge, COf
  • Three Trees Studio hand-blown glass honeydippers and bee-themed glass pendants fmade in Breckenridge, CO
  • Cardamom Designs columbine flower and honeybee tea towel designed in Denver, CO and made in Jaipur, India
  • Two Little Fruits honeybee and floral refrigerator magnets plus ceramic mugs made in Denver, CO 

    Below are some testimonials from our partners outlining their experience as small-batch suppliers for Björn's.

    From Sam at Pines' Nut Butters:

    Pines’ Nut Butter
    518 Brian Ave #24694
    Silverthorne, CO 80424  
    February 13th, 2024

    To Whom It May Concern,

    Hi, I own and operate Pines’ Nut Butter; a Summit County nut butter company. I am writing this letter for Bjorn’s Colorado Honey.

    Bjorn’s continues to be a business that helps us tremendously. Bjorn’s and I met at the farmer’s market in Dillon Colorado, 2022. Since going into business, Bjorn’s has been an excellent company to work with. They have been selling my products in their retail stores for 16 months now and it has been a consistent success getting my product into the hands of customers. We have collaborated on a honey peanut butter, and a honey pistachio butter that have been a major hit. I am thankful; beyond grateful for this relationship. Bjorn’s is my best wholesale account and I will forever be thankful for their business.

    Sam Pines
    Pines’ Nut Butter


    From Jake at TwoRavens: 

    Jake Miller
    Two Ravens Soap Company
    9729 W. Coal Mine Ave. Unit R.
    Littleton, CO 80123

    To whom it may concern,

    I’m writing this letter today to show my support for Bjorn’s Colorado Honey, Pontus and Lara and the team. While I have been connected with Bjorn’s for a few years now business-wise, I’ve been around their brand for almost nine years. Between vending at farmer markets and craft fairs with my own brand, to attending many as just a customer, I’ve been a fan, friend and customer of Bjorn’s for a very long time and have the utmost respect for them all.

    The amount of passion Pontus, Lara and team have for the brand, quality of products and connection to their communities is immeasurable. More often than not, my booth seems to end up right next to theirs and it doesn’t matter who the employee is selling their products, they’ve always been high-quality, passionate people. This is a direct relation to the ownership team and their personal passion. It’s not just a brand, but a family affair dating back decades with Pontus’ family. That passion is shown across their brand for all to see and fall in love with.

    Now, as a vendor of theirs creating custom body care products featuring their honey, the passion is passed on to myself and my brand. The same goes for the other small businesses they’ve brought in at their various retail shops and kiosks. Pontus and Lara want all of us to be successful and to share their love for our brands with their customers as well. As small business owners, it’s vital for us to support each other, but the Bjorn’s team goes above and beyond. My company alone has grown exponentially because of the connection between our brands and the reach of their customer base, who now get to find out what my brand is all about.

    When I think “community”, “local”, “support small business”, etc, I absolutely think of Bjorn’s Colorado Honey! Not only is that the “American Dream”, but also one that Colorado as a State takes passion in exemplifying in each community. To share local brands like my own and many others from across Colorado, to showcasing and sharing their locally harvested honey and products is a great accomplishment as well as something not every community has to offer. Bjorn’s is growing because of this community-passion towards not only their high quality products of their own, or other offerings from local makers, but also the community falling in love with Pontus, Lara and their team. It’s not just a family-affair, it’s a community success story.

    In regards to their Denver International Airport kiosks and pop-up locations, it’s amazing for me to think that my products are ending up in locations such as India, Iceland and even just  Alaska! While my website allows my products to get across the United States, I would never get the opportunity to have them fly all over the Globe and into the hands of so many different travelers if it wasn’t for the connection with Bjorn’s Colorado Honey. I’m forever thankful and love getting emails from folks wanting to know more about my soaps, but also seemingly always asking more about Bjorn’s as well. This is not something a lot of small businesses like mine get to experience, and I’m ever-thankful for the opportunity.

    Thank you for your time,

    Jake Miller


    From Michelle at Coopers Small Batch:

    We met Bjorn honey-founder Pontus several years ago while working at local farmers markets in Denver. Friendly exchanges quickly changed to a business partnership, and  we are thrilled to be working with Pontus, who like us, is a Colorado small business owner, run by a husband-and-wife team.

    We are very grateful for their support and loyalty in choosing Cooper’s Small Batch hot sauce to sell at their retail stores and at the Denver International Airport (DIA).

    Bjorn has helped us grow our business and brand recognition over the past several years, and in turn, we make every eJort to support and be loyal to Bjorn.

    The staff at Bjorn is fantastic, friendly and a great company to work with.

    Kindest Regards,

    Michelle Davidson


    Cooper’s Small Batch hot sauce

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