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Earrings - Silver Bee & Honeycomb Ear Jacket

Earrings - Silver Bee & Honeycomb Ear Jacket

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These Sterling Silver Bee & Honeycomb Ear Jacket Earrings are statement pieces. The small bee on the top sits on the front of the ear, while the larger honeycomb sits behind your ear and is secured with the earring back. The honeycomb piece has three holes, which can be adjusted to fit your ears perfectly. The bees can also be worn without the honeycomb backing for plenty of versatility. 

Honeycomb is a wonderful pattern often used in decor and jewelry. The beeswax hexagons are ideal for storing honey, pollen, and the queen bee’s eggs because they fit together perfectly without wasted space between cells. Circle-shaped cells would leave gaps in between, and square-shaped cells wouldn’t be as strong. Mathematicians have confirmed that the geometry of hexagons use the least amount of material to hold the most weight. This means bees make less wax but still get to store the most honey, pollen, and eggs. Bring home the wonders of the hive in these lovely Sterling Silver Comb Back Earrings today!

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