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Bee Rescue Wildflower Seed Mix

$ 6.00
Bee Rescue Wildflower Seed Mix


If you are looking for a fun and easy way to support native and honey bees in your yard we now have pollinator-friendly wildflower seeds. Made by Boulder County company BBB Seed, these mixes are top of the line and hand-selected to grow on the Colorado front range but will do well in most growing zones.

The Bee Rescue Wildflower Mix is selected because of its ability to provide nectar and pollen for local native bees as well as introduced bees. Blooming throughout the season, these colorful seeds are great for supporting the health and vitality of native pollinators and honey bees alike.  

The seed mix includes Baby Blue-eyes, Poppies, Forget-Me-Not, Purple Coneflower, Spiderwort, Coreopsis, Cosmos, Indian Blanket, Rocky Mtn. Beeplant, Globe Gilia, Tidy Tips, Rockcress, Sweet Alyssum, New England Aster, Aspen Daisy, Monarda, and Lavender Hyssop.

1 oz. of seeds per bag. 

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