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Propolis Toothpaste

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Propolis Toothpaste


BeeCareNatura Propolis Toothpaste is great for people who have sensitive mouths or cannot tolerate fluoride. It contains propolis which is an antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral and, a perfect ingredient for oral care. Propolis cleans teeth and gums by killing bacteria in the mouth without harsh chemical hardeners such as fluoride. It is also a mild desensitizer helping people who have sore teeth or gums.

BeeCareNatura Toothpaste additionally contains spearmint extract, sorbitol, and stevia to enhance flavor and leave mouth and breath tasting fresh. It contains natural extracts of echinacea, yarrow and commiphora myrrha which can help the mouth fight bacteria, increase saliva production and dull existing pain or discomfort in teeth and gums.  A mild inclusion of silica gently polishes teeth and removes plaque.

This Propolis Toothpaste is great for kids and dogs as it is totally edible and suitable for swallowing.

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