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Gelée Royale Harmony Face Cream

$ 38.99


BeeCareNatura Geleé Royal Harmony is a luxurious face cream that contains royal jelly. Royal jelly is a protein worker bees feed to all brood (offspring) in the hive. They actually feed extra amounts of this legendary substance to specially selected brood, which then grow to become queen bees. Royal jelly is full of amino acids, minerals, enzymes, and antibacterial/antibiotic components. It is an age-old treatment for aging and skin rejuvenation.

BeeCareNatura Geleé Royal Harmony Face Cream also contains willow bark and almond oil. Willow bark is an anti-inflammatory and can boost skin cell turnover and encourage even skin tone. It is also an antimicrobial which can help treat acne in a natural and non-irritating way. The inclusion of almond oil, a traditional remedy for soothing dry or chapped skin, provides a light feel and pleasant scent. The combination of almond oil and royal jelly in this unique face cream moisturizes the face and creates a wonderfully smooth feeling on the skin’s surface.

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