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Björn's Sampler

Björn's Sampler

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This Björn's Sampler offers the classic three honey types that Pontus, our beekeeper, has worked hard to develop over the years, now for 12% off. It's ideal for anyone who loves Björn's or local honey and is a perfect staple for any pantry. 

Our Raw Whipped is great for people who enjoy creamed honey. Our Raw Whipped honey production process is based on Swedish traditions. It can be said that Swedes typically enjoy their honey whipped because this version is smooth, spreadable, and possesses a texture that is not too thick. This honey will never change consistency as the natural crystallization process has already taken place. Pontus, our beekeeper, was able to set the crystal size using an original starter-honey from Sweden.

Our Raw Traditional is great everyday honey. Made from a blend of Colorado front range wildflower and clover honey, the flavor is perfect for tea, baking, topping yogurt or eating by the spoonful. It is a medium colored honey that has beneficial enzymes, amino acids, and pollens intact and is packed in a kosher facility. 

Propolis Honey is meant for those who eat honey to stay healthy and combat colds or allergies. Propolis is known for its remarkable abilities to assist in the fight against viruses, bacteria, microbes, and fungus. It's also a powerful anti-histamine making it the ideal honey to eat for anyone suffering from seasonal allergies. 

Bring home the best of Björn's with this classic sampler of honey varieties, that are a true taste the Colorado front-range, for 12% off. 

Whipped Honey Net. Wt. 10.5 oz.
Traditional Honey Net. Wt. 16 oz.
Propolis Honey Net. Wt. 10.5 oz.