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Peppermint Honey

Peppermint Honey

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Our Peppermint Honey is Colorado Clover Blossom Honey infused with pure peppermint oil and a whole peppermint stick, giving it a festive look and wonderful holiday flavor. Clover Blossom Honey has a creamy finish that pairs perfectly with the cooling peppermint flavor. It's now available in our larger 10.5 oz. sized jar. 

In Sweden, peppermint sticks are known as "polkagris" and come from a small city called Gränna. Pontus, our beekeeper, remembers buying peppermint candies at Christmas markets near his home in Southern Sweden and enjoying the treat after Christmas dinner with his family. Swedes often eat homemade and market-bought cadies with rice pudding for dessert after Christmas dinner. We wanted to bring this taste of Swedish Christmas to our honey offerings with this Peppermint Honey.

Peppermint is a cross between watermint and spearmint that is indigenous to Europe. It was initially consumed for medical purposes, including to soothe stomachs, especially after large meals. Peppermint is now widely used as a flavoring in desserts, candy making, and tea. It is prized for its bright flavor and refreshing aroma.

Try out Peppermint Honey as a topping for vanilla ice cream or in your favorite tea. It's also great as a sweetener in hot cocoa or just by the spoonful. Bring home this festive treat before it's gone!

Net Wt. 10.5 fl. oz.

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