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Royal Honey

Royal Honey

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Björn's Royal Honey combines three substances from the hive that are renowned for their nutritional benefits.

Royal jelly is a legendary protein made by bees to feed their young and is the sole food for queen bees, who can live for four or more years. Our Royal Honey contains high-quality dried royal jelly, known to have anti-aging and skin-beautifying properties.  

Royal Honey also contains propolis, which is honeybees' defense against microbes and works great to fight colds, flu, or seasonal allergies. It can also be consumed every day as an immune booster.

We also add extra bee pollen, which occurs naturally in honey but in smaller amounts. Local bee pollen is a potent source of protein and can also prepare the body for seasonal allergies.

Royal Honey is a superfood that will nourish your body for the day, keep your immune system healthy, and may help decrease seasonal allergies. It's best stored in a dark place at room temperature and consumed within one year of purchase.  Enjoy the benefits of the hive!

People with severe asthma or allergies triggered by pollen should not eat this honey. If you are extremely sensitive to seasonal allergies, we recommend starting slow; eat a 1/8 teaspoon of the Royal Honey to ensure you don’t have an adverse reaction. Increase the amount you eat daily until you reach the desired dose.

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