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Specialty Honey Bundle

Specialty Honey Bundle

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This Björn’s Specialty Honey Bundle offers all of our infused honey varieties together. You'll enjoy our Vanilla, Sweet and Spicy, Cinnamon, Stranahan's Whiskey, and our new Lemon Honey for 20% off. These specialty honey varieties have been hand-blended in Colorado by our beekeeper, Pontus, who is a 3rd generation honey producer. His knowledge of honey has helped him create unique recipes featuring rare ingredients and interesting collaborators.

Our Vanilla Bean Honey is infused with ethically sourced V. planifolia vanilla beans from Indonesia. The tiny black vanilla seeds are visible in the golden Clover Blossom Honey and will continue to release their signature flavor as you use the honey. Try it as a sweetener for coffee or tea, to top yogurt, or in baking. It also makes a lovely sweetener for lemonade or smoothies. Please note, the vanilla bean in this honey will release tiny, black vanilla seeds, and they can float to the top of the honey, collect there, and on the inside of the lid. The black vanilla bean seeds will be visible in the honey when you open the jar. 

Björn’s Sweet and Spicy Honey is a blend of our Whipped Wildflower Honey and Colorado-made Jojo’s OGX Red Jalapeño Sriracha. This Sweet and Spicy Honey is HOT, but it’s also full of flavor that doesn’t overpower. Jojo is a long-time friend of Björn’s, and her wild fermented hot sauces are life-changing. We’re glad this collaboration is finally here!

Our Cinnamon Honey is a taste of Swedish bakeries. ‬We infuse our Colorado Clover Blossom Honey with pure cinnamon leaf extract and a fresh Indonesian cinnamon stick to create a warm and cozy honey perfect for baking‭, ‬tea‭, ‬or just by the spoonful‭. Cinnamon is a staple in every Swedish bakery and this honey brings that flavor to your home‭.

Whiskey and honey are a perfect match and Stranahan's Whiskey is Colorado's finest‭. ‬That's why we created this limited-edition Whiskey Barrel-Aged Honey‭. ‬It has a smooth texture and rich flavor that will transport you right to the Stranahan's Lounge‭. ‬By blending our Colorado Wildflower Honey and Stranahan's Whiskey and then aging it in whiskey barrels from the Stranahan's Distillery in Denver, we have brought two of Colorado's best small-batch companies together.

Björn's Lemon Honey is a blend of Whipped Colorado Clover Honey and pure lemon oil. The taste is perfectly balanced; the bitterness of lemon oil tempers the sweetness of the honey. It is reminiscent of lemon drop candies and cool Mediterranean breezes. Lemon zest, the yellow part of the peel, is prized for its bright taste and deeply aromatic oil. Lemons have been paired with honey for generations. This honey is wonderful as a sweetener in iced tea, lemon desserts like pound cake, or in savory dishes like lemon and honey-baked chicken. It is also wonderful as an afternoon, treat just eaten by the spoonful!

Bring home this Speciality Honey Bundle for a taste sensation that any foodie would be excited about, at 20% off.

Vanilla Bean Honey Net Wt. 16 oz.
Sweet and Spicy Honey Net Wt. 10.5 oz
Cinnamon Honey Net Wt. 10.5 oz
Stranahan's Whiskey Barrel Honey Net Wt. 10.5 oz
Lemon Honey Net Wt. 10.5 oz