Untouched Honey

$ 15.00
Untouched Honey

*NOTE 1-4 jars of honey ship in the same box for a flat rate plus the cost of the honey. 

While all Björn’s Colorado Honey is raw to American standards, our untouched honey is raw to our standards. Extracted without any filtering, this honey includes cappings, beeswax, and occasionally propolis in each jar. It's never pasteurized, heated or filtered and nothing is ever added or extracted. It’s what we call untouched honey.

We at Björn’s Colorado Honey have been careful when using the word RAW because it can be misleading. We are now proud to start a new era of offering truly untouched honey. This is what RAW honey is all about!

We let our untouched honey flow freely from the beehives to your jar. It will crystalize fast and can be crystallized when you buy it.

Net. Wt. 16 oz. 

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